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The Spirit of Love Project

The Spirit of Love rotates round theEarth, with people continually adding to its power!

(To see ALLthe images with their testimonials, comments and interpretations, visitthe Spirit of Love Gallery Gallery)

ATTENTION: Have you heard that a picture tellsa thousand words?

The Spirit of Love Project is afast-growing, worldwide collection of the SPIRIT OF LOVE inside eachperson, painted by the Spirit Artist AHONU and presented as a virtualshield of love around the earth.

Aingeal Rose & AHONUNow for the first time, a Visionary Artistthat can see into your soul journey, your past lives, your futurelives, AND paint your highest heroic outcome.


From: AHONU & Aingeal Rose
RE: Pictures Transforming Lives...

Dear Fellow Traveller,

It started when a picture painted by Visionary ArtistAHONU in 2009 changed a womans life. He saw that her backbone had twoblack daggers penetrating into her lower spine close to the coccyx.

Spinal Chord healed Spinal Chord healed

The daggers were removed by AHONU by simply re-paintingher spinal chord in its divine perfection. Only afterwards did shereveal she had suffered from lower back pain all her life, and nowonder! After seeing the 'After' picture, she immediately reported theability to bend and twist and the cessation of all lower back pain. Shesaid...

Free of back pain

The Spirit of Love Project

That was it working on the physicalplane...

...then it worked in the Financialsector!

In 2010 AHONU saw in a lady a picture in which money wasflowing out of her hands. She revealed she had just lost $3 MILLION! Toeveryone's surprise the fix was simply to turn the picture up the otherway, so that the money was flowing into her hands instead. He told herto take the picture home and hang it in her bedroom. Within weeks...

She recovered every penny!

$3 Million returns Spinal Chord healed

AHONU Spirit Artist

AHONU has changed thousands of peoples lives with hisVisionary Art ever since. He believes it works on the principle ofPineal Induction i.e. the image is impregnated into the psyche throughthe 3rd eye and immediately becomes the new paradigm, the new scenario,the new reality! A picture indeed tells a thousand words!

But that was then, suddenly everythingchanged...

In March of 2011, AHONU got a"download" of information, guidance, instructions from Source...

AHONU Spirit Artist

He was to no longer focus on what was"wrong" with people, rather he was to focus only on the "Spiritof Love" or the "Spark of God" inside eachperson and paint it. Then he was to collate them all together into aworld-wide collection of spiritual images and present them all as a virtualshield of love rotating around the Earth. He was to call it"The Spirit of Love Project.

AHONU Spirit Artist


Heres what people are saying about the Spirit of Love Project

I love it! I love it! I love it! I'min! Debbie

I want one for each one my family.Elmer

Your artwork is beautiful andlife-changing as always. Blessings, Linda

Wow AHONU my picture is great. I loveit. Thank you. Yvonne

AHONU Please keep me on your mailinglist. I want to know about every miracle. Dolores

It is so great and I am so proud tobe a part of the project. Susan

All your pictures are so amazing forthis project AHONU. So intuitive and visionary, knowing a good fewpeople that you have done them for shows them accurately portrayed inthe colours and symbols you have worked with. My blessings as usual forall your work. Love to you and your project. Liana

AHONU, you are so awesome with thesepictures and all the lives they change and touch! Anne

They are absolutely stunning AHONU, colours sobright and vivid such fabulous energy in them all. Constantly amaze me.Keep them coming! LL

The Spirit of Love Project by AHONU

The Spirit of Love Project is apractical re-focus away from the pain, distortion and chaos in theworld to the positive beauty and wonder inside everyone and our planet.

Its purpose is to expose the SPIRITOF LOVE, or the SPARK OF GOD inside eachperson and collate that high frequency into a virtual shield of lovearound the Earth. People are using their Spirit of Love pictures astheir FaceBook profiles, on their phones, as screensavers - as theirLOGO. That is exactly what it is - it is the frequency of God insideyou, what better logo can you get?

Get onboard and feel the frequency jumpyourself!

AHONU Spirit Artiist

Spirit of Love shield by AHONU

What you don't need ...

  • You don't need to sit for your picture.
  • You don't need to be a "spiritual" person.
  • You don't have to have anything that needs to be"fixed".
  • You don't need to read anymore of this...
  • ...just scroll down and get your Spirit of Lovepicture painted by the master Visionary Artist AHONU!

AHONU Spirit Artist

AHONU Spirit Artist

Simply click the "I WANT ONE "button below to have your Spirit of Love picture started by AHONUtoday. It will appear in the Spirit of Love collage the moment it iscompleted and AHONU will email your Artist Signed copy for you to printand frame and keep.

Only $144 from ahonu.com

AHONU Spirit Art

I want my Spirit of Lovepicture now!

Yes!I want my picture on the Spirit of Love Shield. I understand that Iwill get:
  • My Spirit of Love picture painted by AHONU.
  • My picture placed on the Spirit of Love ProjectShield.
  • My picture placed in the AHONU online Gallery.
  • My signed picture emailed to me for my ownprivate use.

I fully understand that while mySpirit of Love picture is licenced to me forever to do with what Iwish, AHONU retains the right to use it without restriction to promoteand market the project and his work on the web and in printed media.

Love & blessings,

AHONU & Aingeal Rose

P.S. On the next screen,click ADD-TO-CART and follow the prompts.

P.P.S. You will be joininghundreds of people already on the Spirit of Love Project shield! Likeall those, you will promoting the Spirit of Love Project to help andbenefit yourself and mother Earth!

P.P.P.S. Aingeal Rose hassaid "The greatest gift you can give your family isself-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness heals ancestral lines backwards andfowards through time!"

P.P....S ...Alternatively, if you don't want your own picture right now, we inviteyou to our mailing list as a free supporter. Complete the form below:

I support the Spirit of Love Project

The Spirit of Love Project is a fast-growing,worldwide collection of the SPIRIT OF LOVE or the SPARK OF GOD insideeach person, painted by the Spirit Artist AHONU and presented as avirtual shield of love around the earth.

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